Jahresbericht 2015

Wir sind stolz was wir mit unserer kleinen Initiative bei den Kindern in Laos bewirken können.

Den Jahresbericht 2014 dürfen Sie hier gerne downloaden.

Einen Bildbericht unserer Reise im Januar 2015 nach Ban Panor finden Sie durch Klick aufs Bild

2015.Jan. Ban Panor

Wir freuen uns wenn Sie uns helfen zu helfen.

Unsere Freunde in Nepal sind ebenfalls auf unsere und Ihre Hilfe angewiesen.

Es geht weiter, die Schule gedeiht, die Blumen wachsen

jetzt braucht es Wasser, Wasser, Wasser.

Pann’s Video-Bericht: (Klick aufs Foto)

Ban PaNor

Was bisher geschah und die nächsten Schritte

und per Post:

Dear our beloved supporters,
I am writing you to update you what is going on with our little village Pa Nor in Luang Prabang that all of you have been supporting.
As part of the income generation, I have helped the villagers grow flowers since 2013 with horticulturists. The flower sold very well and now I just opened a flower shop – Malibarn – for two months now to buy the flowers from them. I attached a small film for your quick look.
In a few weeks, I will send three experts to our village to plan for water irrigation system. This will be a long-term resolution for their flower plots. I have been supported by Mr. Pongrat and his wife for this initial assessment; however, we are still raising funds to help the villagers build the water irrigation. We are hoping to raise about 10,000 USD for buy sands, stones, pipes and water pump.
Some of you have expressed your wills to continue helping us, please do kindly let me know if you are still interested. You may easily contribute by transferring money to the below or else please kindly email me for more details —-> pann@education-for-life.ch

I thank you all in advance of your very kindness and your continuous support for the kids‘ future.

With love, Pann

Wir freuen uns über Ihre Spenden an das Stiftungskonto —> hier!