Bounsene Eiengdala

Bounsene und Chr. Lübbers im Mai 2018

Bounsene Eiengdala PortraitBounsene Eiengdala ist unser Projektleiter für die Errichtung einer Wasserversorgung für die Primarschule in Ban Silalek. Er ist 29 Jahre alt, verlobt, vorerst noch kinderlos.
NT 2018: verheiratet und hat eine Tochter.
Er kommt aus der Provinz Oudomxai, heute lebt er in Luang Prabang. Seit 2011 arbeitet er als Reiseführer für verschiedene Tourenanbieter in Luang Prabang.

Bounsene spricht laotisch, thailändisch, englisch und die Sprache der Khmu.

Er verbrachte 5 Jahre als Novize und weitere 3 Jahre als Mönch in einem Tempel.

Hier stellt sich Ihnen Bounsene Eiengdala selbst vor:

Sabaidee! Ladies and Gentleman.

My name is Mr. Bounsene EIENGDALA, I am from Lao PDR ( LAOS), I am a Khmu  and a Laotian. I am 29 years old and I am engaged but don’t have any children yet. I have a father, but my mother passed away when I was 14 years old. I have two younger brothers and three younger sisters, I am the eldest son in my family.

I come from Ban LongIn village, Muang Houn district, Oudomxai province, which is North of Luangprabang about 300 kilometers by road and about 160 kilometers when travelling by the Mekong river.

I am living in Luangprabang nowadays. In 2007 I moved to Luangprabang for my education. And I was a novice for 5 years and a monk for 3 years, but now I am a lay person (Anmerkung: lay person = Laie). In Buddhism they are calling me Thid or ex-monk because I was a monk from 20 until 23 years old, novice is younger monk. When I became a monk my family name was changed from EIENGDALA to SINNAVARO, but nowadays as a lay person I am using my family name again.

I finished my high school at Luangprabang Monk High School. Then I finished General English at Xayadeth College in 2011 in Luangprabang. After this I started working with tourists for tourist service companies. Today I am a freelance English speaking tour guide and work with several companies in Laos. I love my job but the job is not easy. I love people, try to be a friend, I like kindness and to help people, I am friendly with everybody. I am very happy when I see the people are happy.

Well, in my country I can speak two languages: Khmu is the first because I am a Khmu ethnic person, Lao language is the second, also can I speak Thai and English. We have about 49 ethnic groups in Lao PDR.

My motivation why I am helping Ban Silalek is because I also come from the countryside (I come from a poor family and one thing I was very lucky is that I could become a monk, that’s why I have education). There are not many education helping projects although our goverment tries to help about education so children from poor families can go to school, they really need help. We are Laotian, the same ethnic group and including Hmong people and not only Ban Silalek, I am also helping with many villages. So when I am helping more villages and more people I also help my country.

Thank you very much. Great to meet you all.

Best regards and wishes