Ban Pa Nor Initiative

Ban Pa Nor in the North of Luang Prabang is populated by the indigenous group of the „Khmu” ( In this region, the illiteracy rate is very high. Since the start of the Ban Pa Nor education initiative that is strongly supported by Education for Life since 2012, a lot has been achieved:


  • A delapidated school was reconstructed, a kitchen was built
  • School fees for children of the poorest families have been and are being paid
  • School materials, medical and sanitary products, shoes and clothes are regularly delivered personally by members of Education for Life
  • Formerly undernourished school children receive now a healthy lunch every day (see Update of our lunch box initiative)
  • A fish pond was established to complement the lunch of the children
  • Since 2013 flowers have been cultivated and sold for income generation

Here you get an impression about the development in Ban Pa Nor:

Here you see the fish pond, diligent school children and some flower beds:

P1080611 IMG_0006 P1080691


Now, as a next step, water is needed, more specifically a water irrigation and a pumping system for improving income generation and thereby providing economic, social and ecological sustainability, see Water Pipeline for Ban Pa Nor.

Basic Facts about the Village Ban Pa Nor

  • Name Ban Pa Nor: meaning ‘Bamboo Forest’
  • Location: 20 km from Luang Prabang City, Luang Prabang Province, Laos
  • Ethnic make-up of the village: Khmu
  • Population: approx. 500, primary school children approx. 40 per year
  • Established since 1973 (moved from another location)
  • Raining season: from June to October
  • Languages: Khmu, Lao.
  • Income per person: 595 USD / year or 1.6 USD / day
  • Primary school fee for one child / year: 80 USD

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